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1.On September 7, bitcoin miner bitnile holdings announced that its subsidiary bitnile had signed a contract with bitmainland to purchase an additional 1325 antminer s19j pro. According to the new contract, BNI purchased a total of 21925 bitcoin miners. Milton "Todd" ault III, the founder and executive chairman of the company, said that I believe the long-term prospects of bitcoin are positive, and I am glad to be able to invest in more bitcoin mining equipment to expand our cryptocurrency mining business.

2.News on September 7: according to the statistics of 1ml website, the number of bitcoins locked by bitcoin lightning network has exceeded 4700 (currently 4700.95), a record high, with a value of about US $88490771.01, an increase of 4.98% in the past 30 days. In addition, the current lightning network node data is 17828, and the number of channels is 86742.

3.The Brazilian tax authority RFB disclosed the cryptocurrency statement data related to July. This month, more than 1 million Brazilians declared to use cryptocurrency. This is the highest number reported since 2019. In contrast, in May 2022, only 365000 citizens reported their cryptocurrency holdings and transactions to RFB. In addition, statistics show that women are increasingly active in using cryptocurrencies in the country. According to the data, the number of cryptocurrency transactions conducted by women increased by 4%, and this group accounted for nearly 20% of the transactions in July. It is reported that Brazilian law stipulates that all cryptocurrency holders must report their information to the institution, even if they do not use a centralized exchange for trading.

4.According to the latest data of coinecko, the BTC price has fallen below 19000 US dollars, currently 18707.95 US dollars, a decrease of 5.4% in 24 hours. Eth is currently at US $1511.22, down 7.8% in 24 hours. At present, the total market value of cryptocurrencies is US $980184 million, a decrease of 5.0%, and the 24-hour trading volume is US $9000339332.

5.According to the official announcement of f2pool, ETH POW mining is expected to end between September 10 and 20, 2022, and the ETH mine pool of f2pool will operate normally until the end of pow mining. F2pool will arrange the payment of account balance after consolidation. In order to smoothly receive the ETH mining revenue that has been generated, users are requested to confirm in time that the ETH wallet address can be used normally.

6.Bitcoin mining company marathon digital said that it launched about 25000 previously installed mining machines in August, increasing the hashrate of about 2.5 exahash per second (EH / s), so that the total hash rate reached about 3.2 eh / s. The company produced 184 bitcoins in August, bringing the total so far this year to 2222. At the end of the month, bitcoin holdings rose to 10311, with a market value of $206.7 million. It did not sell cryptocurrency this month.

7.According to whale alert data, 260000 eth (worth about 434184375usd) were transferred from unknown wallets to binance.