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1.The hashrate of BTC hit a record high, and it is expected that the fourth quarter of 2023 will be the next half of bitcoin.

On September 12, according to coinecko's data, the hash rate of bitcoin hit a record high of 281.79 million. It is now expected that the next BTC halving date has been advanced and will be carried out as early as the fourth quarter of 2023. The next halving will reduce the bitcoin block reward to 3.125 bitcoins. The whole halving process will last until 2140, when it is expected that all 21 million bitcoins will be mined.

2.SBF: cryptocurrency is about to usher in regulatory transparency.

On September 12, SBF, founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, said: cryptocurrency is about to usher in regulatory transparency. Cryptocurrencies fell because of "the dollar rose".

3.Interest in Google's search keyword "buy bitcoin" dropped to a two-year low.

Data shows that Google's search interest in the keyword "buy bitcoin" hit a two-year low, scoring 6 in the week ending September 10. It is worth noting that the last low interest in the keyword was recorded on October 17, 2020, when the cryptocurrency was preparing for a new round of rebound and finally reached a new high in last year's bull market.

4.Bank of America: the merger of Ethereum may lead to more institutions adopting Ethereum.

Bank of America (BAC) said in a research report on Friday that the significant reduction in energy consumption after the merger may allow some institutional investors to buy eth for the first time. Analysts alkesh Shah and Andrew said that the ability to pledge eth as a verifier or through pledge services rather than on blockchain lending applications and generate higher quality income (lower credit and liquidity risk) may also promote the adoption of institutions. According to Bank of America, higher quality revenue will also have an impact on the Web3 ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps). Decentralized insurance agreements such as nexus mutual need to generate returns for their reserves to make them a viable alternative to traditional insurance companies. Insurance companies usually invest their reserves in corporate and government debt, but it is difficult to find tools with similar risk and return characteristics in the digital asset ecosystem. It added that pledging on Ethereum may be the closest option.

5.The progress of Ethereum merger was 99.65%, and the average computing power of the whole network was reduced to 876th/s.

On September 12, according to the "Ethereum merger countdown" page of oklink's Multi Chain browser, the current Ethereum merger progress has been completed by 99.65%. According to the current network situation, the merger is expected to be completed on September 15. Currently, the average computing power of Ethereum is 876th / s.

6.Glassnode: bitcoin dropped from $24000 to $19600, during which more than 2.5 million BTCs were traded.

According to glassnode, a blockchain analysis company, 2.55 million bitcoins were traded within this price range in the process of the bitcoin price falling from 24000 US dollars to 19600 US dollars, accounting for 13.3% of the total flow, of which 1.53 million (60%) were owned by short-term holders, which shows that the downward trend of the bitcoin market in the early stage was not dominated by long-term holders, At the same time, it also shows that despite the radical selling phenomenon in the period of rising prices, the macro accumulation over the years is still effective, and it seems that the long-term holders of bitcoin are not affected by the current economic situation.

7.Data: Australian investors have lost $242 million due to investment and crypto Scams.

According to the latest data from SCAMwatch, Australians have lost $242 million by 2022 due to investment and crypto scams. From January to July this year, investment scams accounted for the largest proportion of all scams, 36% higher than the figure for the whole year of 2021. In the context of crypto fraud, hacker attacks and the overall market downturn, the Australian authorities seem to have stepped up their scrutiny of the crypto field. It is reported that on September 11, Sean Hughes, Commissioner of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), urged investors to realize that investing in crypto assets is an "extremely risky" form.

8.Data: 500 million new consumers will contact cryptocurrency in 2030.

According to a Global Research Report of HSBC disclosed by crypto analyst Alex KrüGe on social media, it is estimated that by 2030, 500 million new consumers around the world will be exposed to cryptocurrencies, most of them will come from the middle and high-income class, and the fastest-growing regions will be the Asian and African markets. In addition, the report also said that by 2040, the number of consumers who contact cryptocurrencies worldwide will increase by another 500 million.