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Bitmain, the world's leading blockchain server manufacturer, held the antminer KA3 online conference on September 13 to share its support and confidence in the KADENA ecosystem.

This online conference was jointly held by ANTPOOL, the world's leading cryptocurrency mining platform, and HASHFROG, the world's first hashrate standardized cloud mining platform. The R&D team from KADENA and the community representatives from KADENA MINING CLUB also participated in this activity and shared their confidence in the KADENA ecosystem and their outlook for the future.

Antminer KA3 made its debut at the press conference. The hashrate was up to 166T, significantly higher than the current market average. This new mining machine redefines the industry standard with the energy efficiency ratio of 19J/T, and leads the mining machine energy efficiency index into a new era with energy conservation and performance optimization. In addition, KA3 integrates the latest design of Bitmian flagship product 19 series, and is equipped with the latest air-cooled heat dissipation technology, so that the operation of mining machines under the Blake2S algorithm can be top protected. KA3 adopts standard case size design, which is convenient for mine layout. At present, the mining machine will be sold on the HASHFROG platform in the form of cloud computing power at the initial launch stage.

Lin Han, Bitmain's marketing director, announced at the press conference that as a long-time supporter and preacher of POW, Bitmain is committed to serving KADENA's ecology, will donate three KA3 mining machines to the KADENA team for technology research and development, and will donate one KA3 to all community members of KADENA MINING CLUB to support KADENA's ecological development. Lin Han also said that Bitmain will continue to support the PoW project and the long-term development of the PoW ecosystem.

The cooperation of BITMAIN, HASHFROG and ANTPOOL in KADENA project marks the integration of mining machinery, mining pools and resources in the mining industry, deepens the ecological cooperation between mining machinery and energy industries, and provides a solid guarantee for long-term investment of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitmain is the world's leading blockchain server manufacturer. Antminer, its brand, has maintained a leading position in the global market share and technology for a long time, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions.

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