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1.Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is better than ordinary people's physical property.

Michael Saylor explained the issues related to the value transfer of physical assets such as gold, company shares or equities and real estate during the Australian Cryptographic Conference. He pointed out that traditional assets such as gold and land could hardly be transferred across regions. He said: "If you have a property in Africa and they live in London, you can't rent it to them. But if you have a billion dollars of Bitcoin, you can rent it to anyone in the world." In addition, Saylor further emphasized the high maintenance costs and taxes related to long-term ownership and inheritance of physical property, which does not exist in the case of Bitcoin.

2.Watcher. Guru: After the merger, the energy consumption of Ethereum decreased by 99.99%.

On September 17, it was reported that, according to Watcher. Guru's tweet, the energy consumption of Ethereum has decreased 99.99% since it was merged into POS.

3.Data: The total market value of cryptocurrency has evaporated by 100.6 billion US dollars in recent 5 days.

On September 17, it was reported that in the last five days, the total market value of cryptocurrencies had evaporated by about $100.6 billion, a decline of 9.35%, and the current total market value was about $976.3 billion. Among them, the market value of more than US $53.7 billion evaporated on September 13, and the US released the higher than expected CPI data for August on the evening of that day.

4.This week, ETC's hashrate broke through 300 TH/s to a new record.

According to 2Miners data, after the successful merger of Ethereum, the hashrate of ETC's entire network hit a new record of 307.33TH/s on September 15 this week, but it has declined since then. At the time of writing, it has dropped to 199.10 TH/s.

5.Data: Vietnam ranks first in the overall cryptocurrency adoption index and China ranks tenth.

According to the 2022 global cryptocurrency adoption index report of Chainalysis, a blockchain data analysis service, emerging markets are leading in cryptocurrency adoption, with Vietnam ranking first in the overall index, followed by the Philippines, Ukraine, India and the United States, and China ranking tenth in the overall index. In addition, the global adoption rate of cryptocurrency reached the current record high in the second quarter of 2021, while each of the past two quarters was in a downward trend.

6.At present, the average network hashrate of ETF mining reaches 8TH/S.

According to Ethereum Fair (ETF) mining data, the average network hash rate of mining at present is 8TH/S, doubling the computing power compared with yesterday.

7.Doge coin has become the second largest PoW blockchain by market value.

8.The first solar bitcoin mining facility opened in South Australia.

Bitcoin Archive tweeted that the first solar bitcoin mining facility has been opened in South Australia.