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1.LUNA's intraday drop exceeded 25%.

On September 14, it was reported that according to the quotation of OKX, the cryptocurrency trading platform, LUNA fell by more than 25% within the day. Gold Finance previously reported that the Korean court issued arrest warrants for Terra, the founder of the stable currency project, and Do Kwon, the founder of Luna.

2.Philippine President: The Philippines must use blockchain technology to maintain global competitiveness.

On September 14, it was reported that at the inauguration ceremony of the innovation park developed by UnionBank, Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. (PBBM) said: "The Philippines must use digital innovation, including blockchain technology, to stimulate the economy and maintain global competitiveness." PBBM has been calling for digital innovation since it took office. In his first State of the Union address, he called for the adoption of "breakthrough technology" to fundamentally change the way business operates.

3.Tesla introduces customized whistles that can only be purchased with Dogecoin.

According to official news, Tesla's customized whistle "CyberWhistle" has officially sold out. Users can only use Dogecoin to purchase the whistle.

4.NVIDIA CFO: The price of video card has dropped to almost normal level.

Nvidia's new CFO Klaette Kress said that the price of graphics cards has reached an almost normal level, and the company's product delivery will be able to resume growth by next spring. She also confirmed that Nvidia will soon launch a new graphics architecture.

5.Data: The Bitcoin Whale Address has reduced 6577 BTCs in the past 24 hours.

The data shows that the current BTC whale address (>1000BTC) holds 7.8332 million BTCs, a decrease of 6577.23 compared with 24 hours ago, which is estimated to be about 133 million US dollars based on the current BTC price. At the same time, 7574.93 bitcoins were held by addresses with a balance of 100-1000BTC.

6.Russia may adopt cryptocurrency for international trade in 2023.

According to the Russian News, several government officials are considering accepting Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies as payment methods for international trade in 2023. A week ago, the Russian Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance agreed that it was necessary to adopt this alternative payment method for cross-border payment. Ivan Chebeskov, director of the financial stability market of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, said, "We have some legislative initiatives under development, but they have not been formally submitted to the government." According to Chebeskov, Russia will allow enterprises to choose whether to use bitcoin or some cryptocurrencies allowed by the state. It is expected that Moscow and St. Petersburg Stock Exchanges will facilitate them. "Therefore, there may be different options for the implementation of international payments.".

7.It is less than 24 hours before Ethereum merger, and the current merger progress is 99.87%.

According to the "Ethereum Consolidation Countdown" page of OKLink multi chain browser, the current block height is 15530564, the latest block is from Hiveon, and the current difficulty is 12.58PH. There are less than 6500 blocks left from Ethereum consolidation, and the consolidation progress has reached 99.87%. It is estimated that the consolidation countdown is 23:59. According to the official disclosure of Ouke Cloud Chain, OKLink will support the launching of ETHW browser after the merger of Ethereum, so that users can browse the data dynamics on the chain at the first time.

8.Mining machinery company SUNLUNE completed round A financing, led by Intel Capital.

Sunlune LTD. announced that it had successfully completed the A round of financing. This round of financing was exclusively invested by Intel Capital. The specific amount of financing has not been disclosed yet, and the expected scale is tens of millions of dollars. Sunlune LTD is a chip design company registered in the Cayman Islands, headquartered in Singapore, and designed and operated in China. He has been committed to the research and development of computer system structure for a long time, and achieved upgrading and transformation in 2018, focusing on the research and development of high throughput computing chip integrated with storage and computing.