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1. The hashrate of ETC continues to reach a record high

At present, the hashrate of etc in the whole network is 51.84th/s, which continues to reach a record high. In the past month, its hashrate increased by 65.14%.

2.Pantera capital CEO: bitcoin's next bull market is coming

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera capital, believes that the cold winter of cryptocurrency will soon end and the price of bitcoin will rise again. He cautioned that such ups and downs are normal and have occurred many times in the past decade, including the decline in 2018 and the continuous bull market in the coming years. We have experienced three bear market cycles. In fact, I think we have reached the bottom in June, and we are entering the next bull market. It may be difficult, it may take a while, but I think we are in the next stage of the rebound. When talking about the future price of bitcoin, Morehead predicted that the price of bitcoin would continue to rise at a rate of about 2.5 times per year. Nevertheless, he claimed that the crypto field has changed recently, and it no longer only revolves around bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. The daily trading volume of lunc exceeded 3.1 billion US dollars, up 45.47% in 24 hours

According to coinmarketcap data, the daily trading volume of lunc (Terra Classic) exceeded $3.1 billion, with a 24-hour increase of 51.15%.

4.The book value of bitcoin investment in El Salvador has dropped by about 58%

According to the purchase of bitcoin disclosed by President nayib bukele of El Salvador on twitter since September last year, the country has purchased 2381 bitcoins. If the company still holds all these bitcoins, based on the average purchase price of assets, the company's portfolio will fall by about 58% compared with the current bitcoin price. Although for most of this year, the public believed that El Salvador had kept all its bitcoins, finance minister Alessandro Zelaya revealed in an interview in June that the country had sold some bitcoins to fund the chivo pets pet hospital project. However, he insisted that the government's holding of bitcoin was an overall strategy. Bukele had said in October that the project would receive part of the funds from the $4 million "surplus" of the government trust fund, which was based on the rising value of bitcoin at that time, and it did not sell any cryptocurrency for the project. Therefore, the exact amount actually sold by the government is not clear.