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1.Ethereum price may be decoupled from other cryptocurrencies after the merger

On September 8, a report released by chainalysis, a crypto analysis company, said that after the merger of Ethereum, the price of Ethereum may be decoupled from other cryptocurrencies, because its pledge reward will make it similar to bonds or commodities with arbitrage premium. And the pledge income may promote the vigorous adoption of institutions. According to the report, ETH pledge is expected to provide 10-15% yield for the pledgor every year. Considering that the yield of treasury bonds is much lower, ETH is "an attractive bond substitute for institutional investors". The report also points out that one of the reasons why pledge will be attractive after Ethereum merger is that switching to POS will also make Ethereum more environmentally friendly, which can make investors with sustainable development commitments more satisfied with assets. This applies especially to institutional investors.

2.BTC worth about USD 38.45 million transferred to coinbase

According to whale alert monitoring, 2000 PCS BTC were transferred from unknown wallets to coinbase at 12:59 today, with a value of about 38.45 million US dollars. The transaction hash is daba7f2d479cc3e55fd63511ac3ec9c27f09c87154e9b15274872f35cad1c2a.

3.The number of active addresses on the BTC chain has increased by more than 160000 in the past three days, an increase of 21%

Data shows that there are 934307 active addresses on the bitcoin chain at present, and the number of addresses has increased by 163673 in the past three days, an increase of 21.24%. At the same time, the number of active addresses on the ETH chain decreases by 122959.

4.The total number of eth 2.0 pledge addresses exceeded 430000

The total number of eth 2.0 pledge addresses has exceeded 430000, reaching a record high of 430308. As the merger date of Ethereum approaches, the pledge amount of eth 2.0 contract deposits has increased to 13.5985 million, with a value of about 22 billion US dollars at the current market price.

5.Eth breaks through $1600

The market shows that eth broke through $1600 and is now reported at $1602.3, with a daily increase of 2.25%. The market fluctuates greatly. Please do a good job in risk control.